A lull before the storm

We live in this age of information overload or rather a deluge. Here are some interesting statistics of what one deals with on a daily basis:

  • 90% of all the data in the world has been generated over the last two years
  • Indians spend 5 hours a day consuming content in one form or other (National Book Trust)
  • “Between the dawn of civilization through 2003 about 5 exabytes of information was created. Now, that much information created every 2 days” (Eric Schmidt – former Google CEO)
  • 28% of office workers time is spent dealing with emails
  • The typical Internet user is exposed to 1,707 banner ads per month

We are all bombarded with ads, emails, articles, tweets, status updates and many other forms of messages everyday. Finding the right information is akin to locating a needle in a haystack.

And guess what, research after research shows our conscious mind can hold only 3 to 4 pieces of information at a time. We are just not designed to handle so much ‘stuff’.

As a result:

  • We end up procrastinating on the important things because we are just so overwhelmed trying to process everything we hear, see and read.
  • We are stressed out at work because we can’t handle the inputs
  • We make poor decisions in life because of our lack of focus

So what does this mean for your financial investments? Do you have the time to sift through the information available to you? Do you have the time to go through the information passed on by analysts? Are your investment decisions based on the right advice? Leaves you thinking isn’t it?

Enter StockArchitect – a platform where expert opinions are available to you based on your preference. You could gather opinions on specific stocks or also have the option of opinions of specific analysts whom we refer to as Masterminds. We also have sentimeters through which you can have an overall view of the market sentiment, stock specific or mastermind specific.

Register now for free. Visit www.stockarchitect.com today and storm your way to the bank.

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