What does Stock Architect offer?

Here is a page by page detailed view of how Stock Architect works and what each menu / sub-menu on the page means.

Home Page

Popular counters

Popular counters suggest the Top 10 discussed stocks during the past 24 hours by investors and traders on social networks like Twitter.

Top 10 Buys

Top 10 buys display what investors and traders are recommending a buy for the day, their rationale and the target for the same.

Top 10 Sells

Top 10 sells display the top 10 counters on which people are selling for the day along with the reason and target for the same.

Popular Users

Popular users are those who have posted the most number of tweets / views about stocks in past 24 hours.

Overall Market Sentiment

Overall market sentiment is a graph which suggests the overall mood in the market. This graph is generated on the basis of % buy and sell calls generated by users over the past 24 hours.

Stock Specific View

What does overall trend graph suggest on Stock Specific view page?

Graph on the over all trend box suggests the views of users (bullish, bearish or neutral) analysed over the past one month.

What does active user signify?

Active users are the top 10 people who tweet about that particular stock the most. It also states the number of posts / calls posted by them over a period of time on that particular stock.

User Specific View Page

What is overall user sentiment on user specific page?

Overall sentiment is a graph suggesting the type of calls (bullish / bearish / neutral) posted by the user.

Top Post by User?

Top post by user suggests the list of stocks about which the user mostly writes on.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

How is signing up going to benefit me?

If you sign up in the system, you will be able to track a particular stock or a particular user and view the consolidated results on user or stock level rather than going on the specific stock individually.

By signing up you can even subscribe to email feeds though this is a paid service available only to premium users.

What are the requirements to login to the system?

All you require is a Twitter or Facebook or LinkedIn username and password. If you don’t have, just create one by going to the sign in page.

Will my password be stored on your server? What about privacy?

We at StockArchitect do not store any passwords in any form on our servers. We use twitter’s oauth which is a highly secured authentication system.

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