Reblog: Quality Companies, Compounders and Value Traps – Investment Masters Class


Many of the great investors evolve over time to focus on high quality companies.  In the post ‘Evolution of a Value Manager’ I outlined how Buffett, with insight from Munger and the acquisition of See’s Candy transitioned from seeking cheap companies [ie cheap PE/, price/book etc] to trying to purchase high quality companies at reasonable prices.  Li Lu and Mohnish Pabrai are two Buffett disciples who have made a similar transition.

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Reblog: 100 Common Threads of the Investment Masters

The Investment Masters Class is based on the wisdom of the world’s greatest investors. Over the last few decades following investors with strong track records of compounding capital I’ve found that many common threads consistently surface.  These common threads encompass a broad range of areas such as investor’s goals, processes, opportunities, obstacles, psychological construct, outlook and market views.  Many are timeless.  Below are 100 common threads of the Investment Masters which form the foundation of the Investment Masters Class tutorials.

  • The Number One Rule is don’t lose money
  • Harnessing the power of compounding is the key to investment success
  • It’s better to be street smart than book smart when it comes to the market
  • Investing is an art, study the Masters
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