Reblog: How Heisenberg’s Uncertainty Principle will help you make better investments

As mentioned in my previous blog on the double slit experiment, things can act as both particles and waves at the same time. In fact, it is known that everything in the entire universe acts in this manner. In 1927, German physicist Werner Heisenberg introduced the Uncertainty Principle which states that we can not measure both the position and the speed of a particle with total accuracy. The more accurately we measure one value the more uncertain the other becomes. Heisenberg’s notion can be used to explain a number of phenomena including and not limited to Alpha Decay, which is a type of nuclear radiation and the most common form of cluster decay.

But, how does this relate to investing? Unfortunately, this isn’t going to eliminate all uncertainty from your investments or your business but it will enable you to embrace it and use it in your favour. There will always be uncertainty and risk in everything you do, and it is important not to get caught up attempting to eliminate it all.

The goal of an investor is to reduce risk as much as possible while still making a desirable return. Yet, risk and return are closely related meaning there will always be a degree of risk if you want to make great returns. In fact, there are two kinds of risk, unsystematic risk and systematic risk. Unsystematic risk is also known as “diversifiable risk” and can be reduced through diversifying your portfolio. Systematic risk therefore relates to all other risk such as the kind that comes with the market. This risk can not be controlled and diversifying your portfolio will not reduce this risk at all.

In the same way that the uncertainty principle can’t measure both values perfectly, investing is exactly the same. However, the uncertainty should never stop you from investing yourself. The uncertainty is what makes investing so great, whether you are investing in your very own startup or investing in the stock market. Although, it is important to understand that investing is a patient persons game and the more patient you are the more successful you will be. A prime example of this would be Warren Buffet, who is known to usually make only one investment every two years. Yet, it is this kind of patience and planning that has allowed him to create a net worth of over $73 billion USD. In a world of uncertainty, patience creates clarity!

So, start putting money aside and invest in yourself! Even if you have no money, to begin with, start investing your time wisely and commence with building your personal brand. The only certainty you need is your ability to succeed. In fact, I truly believe that optimism is the key to success at the end of the day. Because if you are optimistic, you will stay patient and if you are patient, you will become successful (maybe even the next Warren Buffet).

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